Wednesday, October 7, 2009

is this facebook?

i was sitting on the couch last night looking at david crowder's blog and started talking to jess about having kids (great opener - I know).  all of a sudden I had an overwhelming feeling of not being ready to have kids (like there is a time when you all of a sudden feel completely prepared).  We talked about it for a while and I just have these questions like "am i ready to become that selfless right now?" or "is there more I would like to do in my life before we have kids?"  Don't get me wrong - I really look forward to having a family but worried about how it will effect everything else.  I get stressed when I have to get up early to let the dogs out to go to the restroom. I mean, shouldn't they know how to open the sliding glass door by now?  Come on.  

So, in order for me to branch out and discover what that "something more" is, I am starting my blog.  I remember my buddy randy started a blog in college when this whole thing was going down and we gave him so much crap about it like "what in the world do you have to write about - you just sit around all day and watch re-runs of Super Market Sweep and play Tony Hawk on PS2."  Anyway - here I am - lots of wisdom will come of this so if you are a human of low intelligence, I recommend you keep surfing because my insight on life will probably make your brains explode.  So, I'll keep you all posted on what I find to be filling my time instead of having kids.